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Three post guides high-speed precision punch

Release date: 2019-09-18 10:54:57 Visits: 640

Three post guides high-speed  precision punch
Performance Features
It adopts integrative and high-strength casting machine, treated by tension elimination, to guarantee the long-term precision.
The three post guides slider structure, adopts alloy steel bush and forced lubrication to minimize thermal change and maximize precision.
The dynamic balance system controls stability of bottom dead center by shake produced by slider running up and balancing crankshaft.
Manual height adjustment is equipped with the height indicator and oil pressure mode locking device.
The human-computer interface (electronic cam +rotary encoder) is easy and accurate to use.
Operating functions are integrated on the LCD and engine base malfunction can display automatically.
Extremely sensitive clutch/brake units and top international duplex magnetic valves guarantee the precision and safety of punch slider revolving and stopping.
The thorough electric loop design can match all kinds of automation equipment to produce automatically, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Standard Configuration

Stop at peak
HM slider adjusting device
Height indicator
Programmable control PIC
Touch screen(pre-cut, prejudge and angle display)
Operation box before platform
Air source quick coupling
Jet-air device
Snap gauge 
Main motor(speed governing)
     Oil pressure mode locking
Mechanical crankshaft angle indicator
Forced circulation oil device
Toll cabinet
Operating manual
Power socket
Independent electrical cabinet
Rubber blanket crash pad

Optional Configuration

Gasbag-type quakeproof
Material frame
Material oil lubricating device
Bottom dead center detector
     Oil cooling machine 
Mold lamp
High-speed trolley feeding system
Bump-cutter machine
Dynamic balance device