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Wuxi Yisto Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Service Hotline400 100 5226

Service Hotline400 100 5226
  • Tel: 400 100 5226
  • Fax: 0510-68392919
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  • Address: Dengbei Road, Qianzhou Supporting Area, Huishan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi City
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Our guidelines:
Provide customers with a complete set of stamping solutions
Sales items:
Precision punching machines, second-hand punching machines, automatic feeding around punching machines, leveling equipment and cross shears, slitting, forming equipment, stamping robots, robots, etc.
Reconstruction project:
Automated production line upgrades, stamping equipment repair and maintenance, feeding equipment maintenance, etc.

Stamping production line process design, stamping technology consultation, workpiece stamping before and after processing, mold robot (robot) matching program and so on.