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Punch use precautions before punching work

Release date: 2019-09-17 17:31:06 Visits: 591

(1) Check the lubrication of each part and make the lubrication of each lubrication charge-filled;
(2) Check if the mold installation is correct - rely on;
(3) Check if the compressed air pressure is within the specified range;
(4) Check whether each switch button is 0-sensitive, and the motor must be turned on after the flywheel and clutch are disengaged;
(5) Make the press perform several idle strokes to check the operation of the brake, clutch and operating part;
(6) Check the main motor for abnormal heat, abnormal vibration, abnormal sound, etc.;
(7) adding a lithium ester oil to the slider with a manual oil pump;
(8) Check and adjust the feeder roller gap to the process requirements;
(9) Check and keep the oil level of the oil mister to meet the specified requirements;
(10) When the motor starts, check if the direction of rotation of the flywheel is the same as the swing sign.
At work
(1) The lubricating oil should be used to pump the lubricating oil to the lubrication point at regular intervals;
(2) When the performance of the press is not familiar, the press may not be adjusted without authorization;
(3) It is forbidden to punch two sheets at the same time;
(4) If the work is found to be abnormal, stop working and check in time.
After work
(1) Disengage the flywheel and the clutch, cut off the power supply, and release the remaining air;
(2) Wipe the press clean and the countertop is coated with rust oil;
(3) Make a record after each operation or maintenance.