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Method for noise reduction of noise-proof room of punching equipment

Release date: 2019-09-17 17:31:42 Visits: 695

Large-scale high-speed automatic punching soundproof room design, punch damper punching machine is the most essential equipment for the sheet processing industry. Gear drive noise occurs when the press is in operation. To solve the problem of punch noise, you can apply punching soundproof room, automatic punching machine, small and medium punching soundproof box, punching silent box, punching soundproofing room, punching noise reduction room technical solution.

The soundproofing room of the punching room has simple technical countermeasures and good noise reduction effect. It is widely used in noise control engineering. The sound absorption of raw materials is based on the level of sound reflected from the sound source side. The overall goal is to reduce the scattered sound energy; the material is sound-proof. The magnitude of the transmitted acoustic energy on the other side of the incident source is that the transmitted acoustic energy is small. The difference between the sound absorbing material and the sound insulating material is that the sound absorbing material has little reflection on the incident sound energy, which means that the sound can easily enter and penetrate the material; it is conceivable that the material of the material should be porous, soft and breathable. This is a typical porous sound absorbing material.

The structure of the soundproofing chamber is that the material has a large number of interconnected micropores from the inside to the inside, that is, it has a certain gas permeability. For sound insulation materials, to weaken the transmitted sound energy and block the sound transmission, it should not be as porous, loose and breathable as the sound absorbing material. On the contrary, its material should be heavy and dense, such as steel plates, lead plates, walls, etc. Class materials.