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The main difference between pneumatic punch and ordinary punch

Release date: 2019-09-17 17:30:33 Visits: 540

Pneumatic punching machine, the brake method is pneumatic clutch, the main punching power, the motor drives the flywheel, the flywheel drives the crankshaft, and the generated impulse.
1, An-fullness, pneumatic punching machine is higher than the traditional punching machine in the safety performance;
2, precision, pneumatic punching machine is more precise than traditional punching; upper and lower die is more convenient than traditional punching machine.
3, speed, pneumatic punching is faster; pneumatic punching machine has cylinders, need to use gas, traditional is not used;
4, the price, pneumatic punch is higher than the traditional punch price.

The ordinary punching machine adopts the traditional braking method. The common one is the mechanical key type brake, the main punching power, the motor-driven flywheel, the flywheel drives the crankshaft, and the generated force. The ordinary punching machine is also called a press, which is a traditional machining method of the stamping process. This type of machine tool can save product materials and energy, and the efficiency is relatively low compared to pneumatic punching machines.

Pneumatic punching machine is a general-purpose machine in the stamping industry. It is suitable for punching, blanking, bending, stretching and other cold stamping work (not used for pressing and printing work). It is equipped with a feeding mechanism, which can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. protection.