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Pneumatic punching "repair, protection"

Release date: 2019-09-17 17:30:02 Visits: 510

I believe that when you use a pneumatic punch, you will encounter this or that problem. Let''s talk about how you should "repair and protect" our pneumatic presses and what should be noted.

1. It is necessary to control the environment of the workshop so that the maintenance personnel can find out the problem in time and find out its location.

2. To ensure the balance of the position of the pneumatic punching machine, the balance of the pneumatic punching machine can make it work well. Don''t forget to carry out regular inspections, focusing on checking whether the gas leaks. If the improper air pressure can affect the performance of the balancing system, Failure to repair or reinstate in time will result in a dangerous situation. In addition, the water accumulated in the gas line should be drained every day.

3. Regularly change the filter and lubricating oil of the pneumatic punching machine. Unsuitable maintenance of the lubrication system of the pneumatic punching machine will cause the pneumatic punching machine to stop.

4. The operator should pay attention to the early discovery of the problem of pneumatic punching, imitate the continuous major damage of each component, find out the problem in time, and maintain the long-term maintenance record.

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