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What should be paid attention to during the hydraulic press test process?

Release date: 2019-09-17 17:29:28 Visits: 508

No need to feed during commissioning, but first adjust the guide screw on the guide plate, then use the inching method to gradually clamp the hydraulic punch to the bottom dead center. Note that the guide plate cannot be pressed down. Too low, otherwise the float will be bent or broken. When starting the hydraulic punch feeder continuous punching, rotate the speed adjustment screw of the feeder clockwise, the slider moves slightly slower, so that you can see whether the nylon washer and the length fine adjustment screw are touched when the slider reciprocates.

During the test, the slider moves back and forth. If only the nylon spacer is touched and the length adjustment screw is not touched, it is clear that the slider is not deep enough. The guide screw on the hydraulic press should be gradually lowered. If the slider reciprocates, only the length of the fine adjustment screw does not touch the nylon spacer. This is because the floating rod is lowered too deeply, and the guide screw on the hydraulic punching machine needs to be gradually adjusted upward. If the slider moves between the length fine adjustment screw and the nylon spacer and the distance between the two ends is the same, then the speed adjustment screw should be rotated counterclockwise to make the slider speed normal and the slider can reciprocate. Hit the nylon spacer with the distance.