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Wuxi Yisto Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Product Series Introduction

Release date: 2019-09-17 17:27:15 Visits: 1045

Wuxi Yisto Precision Punch is widely used in automotive, communication, computer, circuit board, connector, precision electronics, air conditioning refrigeration, motor stator and rotor, household appliances, medical equipment, motorcycles, bicycles, furniture, hardware parts and other stamping and forming.
1, the safety of the press
Continuously improving the active safety of the press, this is the long-standing belief of Wuxi Yisite Precision Machinery, and always provides the most safe and reliable experience for users. This concept has been fully experienced in the ET series.
2, clutch and brake
All series of presses are equipped with the Italian OMPI advanced dry brake clutch, and the precise and sensitive double solenoid valve of Japan''s Fengxing can shorten the braking time to the utmost extent. In addition, the brake assist system second-degree falling device is in an emergency. When it is detected that the brake cannot be braked, the brake signal is again provided to provide the brake signal again to provide sufficient power to ensure timely and accurate braking.
3. Protection of operators
In the design phase of all series presses, the highest level of protection for user safety is also the biggest goal of Tektronix. Therefore, there is enough space between the two-hand operation buttons and between the body to protect the safety of the human hand. At the same time, it is stipulated in the system design that both hands can be started at the same time to ensure personal injury caused by misoperation. The installation of the photoelectric protection device or the protective net further enhances the protection of the user.
4, the protection of the mold
All series of presses are equipped with imported Showa over load device as standard to protect the press from deformation due to overload stamping. At the same time, the misfeed detection device can be added to match the automatic stamping die device to better protect the mold.
5, sturdiness and durability
Wuxi Yisite Precision Machinery has developed a new generation of high-strength steel body for the press. The main board has been optimized and reinforced. The main board, side plate and work table have reinforced support plates, which can effectively absorb the vibration energy. Eliminate impact oscillations from all directions and protect the punch from stability and safety.
6, high quality materials
All series of punching materials are high-grade materials in the same kind of products. For example, the main board is Shanghai Baosteel Q235B steel plate and the crankshaft is 42CrMo. The hardware components are basically imported from abroad. For example, the bearings are made of Japanese NTN imported bearings and imported electrical products. , seals and pneumatic components.
7, more precise and more stable
All parts such as the fuselage, crankshaft, gears, sliders, etc. are processed through various processes to remove the stress of key components to meet the stability of the product.
8, the precision of the press
The gears, crankshafts and other components are all processed by heat treatment and precision grinding. The main components of the products are all imported from CNC machining equipment and production to ensure the accuracy, so that the whole machine can reach the Japanese JIS first-class precision standard.