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Maintenance and maintenance of auxiliary equipment for high-speed punching machines?

Release date: 2019-09-17 17:19:54 Visits: 505

The maintenance and maintenance of the auxiliary equipment of high-speed punching machine mainly includes: maintenance and maintenance of numerical control indexing head, automatic tool changer and hydraulic air pressure system.
1. Maintenance and maintenance of CNC indexing head
The CNC indexing head is a common accessory for CNC milling machines and machining centers. Its function is to make the rotary indexing or continuous rotary feeding motion according to the instructions of the CNC device, so that the high-speed punching machine can complete the specified machining accuracy. Therefore, in operation and use. It is necessary to pay attention to the correct operation according to the requirements and operating procedures of the numerical control indexing head.
2. Maintenance and maintenance of automatic tool changer for high speed press
The automatic tool changer is a feature that distinguishes the machining center from other high speed presses. It has the function of automatically changing the required tools according to the processing requirements, to help the high-speed punch save the auxiliary time, and to meet the multi-process and step processing requirements in one installation. Therefore, in operation and use, it is necessary to check whether the operation of the mechanical structure of each component of the automatic tool changer is normal, whether there is an abnormal phenomenon, whether the lubrication is good, etc., and pay attention to the reliability and safety inspection of the tool change.
3. Maintenance and maintenance of high speed press hydraulic system
(1) Regularly inspect, filter, and replace the oil in the fuel tank;
(2) Check the performance of the cooler and heater to control the oil temperature;
(3) Regularly check and replace the seals to prevent leakage of the hydraulic system;
(4) Regularly check the cleaning or replacement of hydraulic parts, filter elements, and regularly check the cleaning tank and piping;
(5) Strictly implement the daily inspection system to check whether the leakage, noise, vibration, pressure, temperature, etc. of the system are normal.
4. Maintenance and maintenance of the pneumatic system
(1) Use a suitable filter to remove impurities and moisture from the compressed air;
(2) Check the oil supply of the oil mister in the system to ensure that there is an appropriate amount of lubricating oil in the air to lubricate the pneumatic components to prevent rust, wear and tear, air leakage and component failure;
(3) Maintain the tightness of the pneumatic system and periodically check and replace the seals;
(4) Pay attention to adjusting the working pressure;
(5) Regularly check the cleaning or replacement of pneumatic components and filter elements.